Pureheat Hampshire Ltd is registered to resell and install multifuel, woodburning and Gas stoves and associated accessories and equipment, to provide heating and plumbing services, and to provide advice on these products and services.

We offer products from leading brands and manufacturers, all of which comply with current legislation and testing requirements, and may include a warranty.

An acceptance of a quotation from Pureheat Hampshire Ltd is an acceptance of our terms and conditions, which are as follows:


1.1 Payment is accepted in the form of debit/credit card, cash, cheque, or bank transfer.

1.2 All orders must be accompanied by a deposit in an amount agreed on at the time the quotation is accepted.

1.3 For orders where a deposit has been received, the balance must be paid when the ordered goods are delivered or the contracted work is completed.

1.4 Purchased goods remain the sole property of Pureheat Hampshire Ltd until the balance is paid in full.

1.5 When a balance is outstanding Pureheat Hampshire Ltd reserves the right to charge 1% on any outstanding invoices per week for each week the balance is outstanding until the account is paid in full.

Any invoice outstanding beyond 7 days from date of invoice will be transferred to our debt recovery agent and will be subject to a surcharge to cover the collection costs incurred. This surcharge together with all other charges and legal fees incurred will be the responsibility of the customer and will be legally enforceable.


2.1 Once an order has been received and a deposit has been paid, Pureheat Hampshire Ltd will provide an approximate delivery or installation date.

2.2 Delivery and installation dates are provided by us in good faith, but sometimes we must reschedule for reasons beyond our control. In such cases Pureheat Hampshire Ltd is not responsible for any costs, losses, or liabilities incurred by the customer as a result of rescheduling. In the event that delivery or installation must be rescheduled Pureheat Hampshire Ltd will endeavour to do so at the earliest possible time, as agreed on by the customer.

2.3 In cases where Pureheat Hampshire Ltd takes delivery of goods ordered by a customer for delivery or installation, and the customer then defers delivery or installation, we reserve the right to request payment in full on the original delivery or installation date.

2.4 In cases where Pureheat Hampshire Ltd provides an installation quote that does not include scaffolding, and scaffolding is then required for the installation, the customer is responsible for providing scaffolding. Pureheat Hampshire Ltd provides quotes in good faith; however situations sometimes arise where maintaining a safe work environment means that scaffolding is required.

2.5 Pureheat Hampshire Ltd is not responsible for any products not supplied by us, or for any work carried out by other companies or individuals.

2.6 In cases where customers have opted to personally install products they have purchased from us, or to use non-certified persons to install products, Pureheat Hampshire Ltd accepts no responsibility or liability for damage or malfunction. Furthermore, where products have been installed by non-certified individuals, or installed incorrectly by any individuals not affiliated with or employed by us, product warranties and insurance policies may be invalidated.


3.1 All product depictions on Pureheat Hampshire Ltd website, or suppliers brochures and websites should be considered as illustrative. Product specifications are subject to change without notice, as manufacturers are engaged in ongoing product development. Pureheat Hampshire Ltd endeavours to apprise customers of all such changes as we become aware of them; however, the specifications and colours of products we supply may sometimes differ in minor ways from those advertised.

3.2 The product specifications and dimensions Pureheat Hampshire Ltd provides are supplied to us by product manufacturers. Customers should consider these as a guide only.

3.3 Pureheat Hampshire Ltd accepts no liability or responsibility for the supply of additional or replacement products or materials, or for additional costs incurred when a customer has provided incomplete or inaccurate information regarding products or services they purchase.

3.4 Standard stove warranties exclude naturally wearing consumable parts including but not necessarily limited to glass, seals, firebricks, log retainers, baffles, grates and grate parts, thermocouples, pilot light assemblies, fuel effects, and surface finishes. Liner warranties are for a ten-year period unless otherwise specified in writing.

3.5 Timber products. As with all natural timber products, they will be subject to change due to temperature changes and insignificant cracks and splits can occur. Timber is a natural product and these are not considered to be a fault or defect. Pureheat Hampshire Ltd accepts no responsibility for this natural process.

3.6 The contents of Pureheat Hampshire Ltd website and websites owned by our suppliers, are provided for informational purposes only, and Pureheat Hampshire Ltd is not responsible for any customer misinterpretation of product and service information provided by us.


4.1 The utmost care is taken when work is carried out on a customer’s roof, heating system, or plumbing; however, in cases where same is in poor condition (e.g. rotten battens, loose tile ridges, or corroded pipes) Pureheat Hampshire Ltd cannot be held liable for any further damage caused to same during or after the execution of the work.

4.2 Because local heating, plumbing, and roofing regulations are subject to change at any time the customer is solely responsible for seeking accurate information from local authorities and for seeking planning permission for any changes or additions. Customers are urged to ensure that local regulations permit the use of any heating appliances they wish to install.

4.3 When a new chimney must be installed the customer is solely responsible for seeking planning advice and permission from the relevant local authorities. Pureheat Hampshire Ltd is in no way responsible for seeking such permission and takes no responsibility for any issues that arise when an installation is carried out in violation of local authority regulations.

4.4 Pureheat Hampshire Ltd is not responsible for any soot damage caused by modifications or repairs to an existing chimney. We urge customers who contract us to install a new stove to arrange for chimney sweeping to reduce the risk of any such damage occurring.


5.1 Deposits for goods will be refundable in full, should you (The customer) decide that you do not wish to proceed with the sale only if goods have not been ordered. If goods (or part of) have been ordered / delivered the customer will be responsible for the restocking charge, delivery charge, courier charge and any other related charges that are incurred due to the item being returned to the supplier.

5.2 Unfortunately, we can’t accept product returns which are bespoke, made to your specifications unless they’re faulty.

5.3 In the event that you (The customer) decides to cancel the contract after a deposit has been received but before work has commenced, Pureheat Hampshire Ltd reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of 5% of the initial quoted amount to cover any loss of profits incurred.


6.1 Pureheat Hampshire Ltd reserves the right to amend or add to our Terms and Conditions without prior notice.